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Editor of Event-driven Utopia( Engineer, Writer, Works @ WSO2. Thinks event-driven systems will save the world someday.

What are event-driven APIs? How do they differ from REST APIs? How to use the Webhooks, WebSockets, and Server-Sent Events to build them?

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Polling is dead. We must move on

Why Dapr excels at building distributed, loosely-coupled, event-driven Microservices

A visual guide to Dapr by Nitya Narasimhan

Dapr — Distributed Application Runtime

How to detect, capture, and propagate changes in source databases to target systems in real-time, event-driven manner

A Rube Goldberg Machine — Credits

The motivation behind CDC

How to schedule a message with Azure Service Bus to deliver at a later time.

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Scheduling overview

How can a sender indicate when a message should be considered stale and thus shouldn’t be processed?

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Why expire messages?

Share your wisdom on event-driven systems with our ever-growing EdU community

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Areas we are interested in

  • Event-driven, highly scalable systems architecture
  • Messaging systems (message queues and pub/sub-systems)
  • Event-driven Microservices (DDD/CQRS/Event souring)
  • Event-driven integrations (Use…

This post in the series discusses the fundamental concepts and the architecture of event storage layer of an event streaming platform

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Responsibilities of the storage layer

A curated set of content and news around event-driven application space.

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Debezium 1.5.0.Final Released

Apache Pulsar 2.7.1 is out

New Lambda Operator Guide in the AWS documentation

General event-driven architecture.

Understand the concepts, architecture, and the ecosystem of a real-time event streaming platform

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