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In this article, you’ll learn the foundations of event-driven APIs, how they interact with consumers, the technology choices to build them, and how to document them with AsyncAPI specification.

Polling is dead. We must move on

We, as information consumers, have a craving desire to know things as they happen.

Where is my package right now? What’s…

A visual guide to Dapr by Nitya Narasimhan

Microservices architectures are inherently distributed. Building Microservices always bring in the most challenging problems, such as resilient service invocation, distributed transactions, on-demand scaling, and exactly-once processing of messages.

Putting Microservices on Kubernetes doesn’t always solve these problems as Kubernetes doesn’t have an application logic. Frameworks like Spring Boot, Akka, and…

A Rube Goldberg Machine — Credits

This post serves as an introduction to the Change Data Capture (CDC) practice, rather than a deep-dive on a particular tool. First, I will explore the motivation behind CDC and illustrate the components of a real-time event-driven CDC system. …

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This post gives you an idea about product analytics at a high level, why, and to whom it matters. We take a fictitious digital product to learn what metrics to measure from user engagement and then walk through a solution architecture to build a product analytics data lake on AWS.

What is product analytics, and why does it matter?

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This is the third installment of the article series “Architecting a Kafka-centric Retail Analytics Platform.”

Previous posts in the series discussed:

  • What retail metrics are crucial for business decision-making?
  • What data sources should we tap in?
  • How can we leverage the Kafka ecosystem to ingest retail data from diverse data…

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Unlike their RESTful counterparts, you don’t call and wait to get a response from event-driven APIs. They work asynchronously, meaning that you subscribe with an API server to get notified whenever something interesting happens at the API server. These notifications are delivered to you as asynchronous events. …

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The first post of this series discussed retail analytics in detail and its business value to retailers. Also, we explored how Apache Kafka can its ecosystem can be beneficial when building a data platform to ingest, process, and consume retail data.

In the second installment of the series, we discuss…

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You either work for a retail organization, or you own one.

You may already have invested in a Kafka cluster or plan to do so in the future.

You have a tremendous amount of business data coming towards you. But you have no idea to extract meaningful insights from them…

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Elon Musk has been busy making rocketry at SpaceX for making interplanetary travel a reality.

Meanwhile, we, mere mortals, can analyze his launch statistics to see how far he’s been successful at it.

This article will discuss how you can use Apache Pinot to do exploratory analysis on a SpaceX…

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They say that data is the new crude oil. You have to extract it and refine it before making good use of it.

But what if the entire refinement process takes too long? What value can you get from the data that didn’t arrive on time?

I would say we…

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